Our take on sustainability if based on the three traditional pillars of the concept: social, ecological and economic. In practice it means that anyone involved in the design and the manufacturing of our collections shall have a living wage; that we thrive to minimise the impact on the ecosystem and that we have a long term perspective when it comes to developing our business model. On top of that slow fashion is our vision. We want our games to have a longer life time than an average garment. 

Our garments are designed to be relevant for a longer time than one season. We design with the philosophy that pieces from new collections can be combined with items from previous collections. Also we use stock fabrics for the making of our collections to as high degree as possible to ensure that our impact on the ecosystem is minimal.

We, the people behind F.A.S. , are keen to get our voices heard. We want to share our views on how an open and tolerant society should look like. Because sustainability for us is not only about obvious things such as that we shouldn't destroy our planet. It's as much about how we as individuals contribute to an environmnet that gives every creature with emotions a chance to live in dignity.