F.A.S. is a Swedish contemporary fashion label founded in 2014 by Firas Al-Saffar. F.A.S. draws inspirations from socio-political issues, architecture as well as contemporary art; offering garments for people who seek an attitude within the conventional clothing.

At F.A.S. our ambition is to design clothing that attract conscious people, regardless of age and sex. Our intention is to create timeless garments combining Scandinavian minimalism and influences from the Middle East. Our pieces tend to be cool yet elegant, and are meant to last longer than temporary trends.

We love fashion but we love responsible fashion even more. We believe that the creation, production, marketing and retailing of our collections should as far as possible be done with respect taken to values such as environmental sustainability, animal protection and fair trade. At F.A.S. we also highlight and give our view on current international humanitarian happenings such as the ongoing refugee situation in Europe, because F.A.S. is For The Brave Ones.